Mary Bann

Mary Bann

About the Healthy Home Coach

For over 20 years, I have been helping people find the right home as a successful Realtor in Michigan. Our homes are where most of our memories are made and our relationships are nurtured. It’s more than a financial decision, it’s a quality of life choice! Working on behalf of my clients, I have won numerous awards and I’m very honored to be included as one of Hour Detroit Magazine’s “Top 100 Real Estate All-Stars.”

As a working mom, I am very aware of the importance of dedicating time to learning as much as possible about proper health and nutrition for my family so that we can experience optimal health. Anyone who knows me will agree that I have somewhat of an insatiable thirst for information! I also can’t seem to keep a good thing to myself. As a natural outgrowth of my desire to share what I have learned with others, several years ago I began hosting health classes for colleagues, family and friends. Gradually my reputation has grown as the Re/Max Realtor who loves to share with others practical ways to keep their home and family healthier.

It truly is my passion and dedication to teach anyone who wants to learn, how stay healthy by using safe, natural products in their home, thereby avoiding exposure to potentially harmful chemicals whenever possible.

The Healthy Home Coach website was created so I could share many of my favorite products, ideas, resources and recipes with others while avoiding some of the hype and “New Age” approaches that are promoted on many natural health-related websites.

My free health classes are offered locally on a variety of topics. If you are interested in attending one of my classes, please click here.

As I travel on my journey to a healthier life and home, I hope you’ll join me and share your ideas and knowledge with others!