Thinking back, I would estimate that I have been an organic gardener for about 20 years. While I have always enjoyed having a garden so that I could grow my own vegetables, and I was very dedicated to composting and using other natural means to enrich the soil, I would have to admit that my overall gardening experience was filled with both joy and  a lot of frustration.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that if I didn’t stay on top of the ongoing weeding and watering, that possible disaster was right around the corner.

One of my “Back to Eden” Gardens

One of my “Back to Eden” Gardens

Since I am a Realtor, and summers are often my busiest time of year, there were many days that I would come home to find that I had not watered my plants enough to withstand a hot sunny day and they were wilted and had little life left in them by the time I arrived home. I began to wonder if gardening was really worth all of the effort….

Then a few years ago, a friend shared with me the video “Back to Eden“. This video changed my life as a gardener forever! In the film, Paul Gautschi shares his techniques for using a thick protective ground cover mulch, like hay, wood chips or other organic materials to protect the plants, reduce the need for watering, enrich the soil and virtually eliminate weeding. While I had already been using many of his techniques, particularly in my flower gardens, his ideas gave me the confidence to make several changes that transformed my garden. I am now expanding my gardens and have the most amazing harvests that I have ever experienced. Thank you Paul Gautschi and all who worked on the Back to Eden film project!

If you enjoy organic gardening, I highly recommend that you take time to watch the wonderful documentary! Click the image below to view the trailer of this great film.

Back to Eden